RI woman facing deportation allegedly moved to an out of state jail

RI woman facing deportation allegedly moved to an out of state jail. (Submitted Photo)

The Rhode Island woman locked up while trying to become a citizen was allegedly moved to another jail.

That's in direct violation of a federal court order.

Lilian Calderon was enroute to a detention center even farther away from her family before the brakes were put on that.

And now, the Rhode Island congressional delegation is getting involved.

NBC 10's Bill Rappleye was the first to report on this story.

Supporters of Lilian Calderon have been waiting for this involvement and on Friday, both Congressmen and Senator Whitehouse penned a two page letter to the Secretary of Homeland Security urging the reunification of Calderon with her family, saying "we respectfully request that you give appropriate and timely consideration to her requests in accordance with all rules and regulations of your agency."

This in a week that almost saw Calderon sent off to a detention facility with no notice to her family.

Lilian Calderon has been locked up in Boston more than three weeks. On Monday lawyers sued to keep her from being deported.

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled she cannot be deported, or even moved from Massachusetts until the lawsuit is settled. Yet on Thursday, she was allegedly transported to New Hampshire, without the knowledge of her lawyers or family.

The ACLU in Boston says it is very concerned about why she was brought out of state.

Calderon went on to apply for legal status on January 17th. She has lived here since she was three-years-old. After marrying an American and having two children, she was trying to become legal.

Calderon's lawyer tells NBC 10 he learned earlier this new information before the judge's order.

Calderon was scheduled to be shipped to Louisiana. It was that close that the Providence resident was to being moved hundreds of miles from her children.

A court hearing is scheduled for February 21st.

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