Roofing contractors start work at wrong home in Cranston

Roof contractors show up to wrong home in Cranston Friday. (WJAR)

A Cranston man said his mother woke up to roofing contractors outside of her second-floor window at 7 a.m. Friday, tearing off the house’s roof after confusing the address with another home in Providence.

Don Ledversis owns a home on Gordon Street in Cranston, but the roofing crew was supposed to work on a house on Gordon Avenue in Providence.

When Ledversis asked the workers to stop tearing off his roof, they wouldn’t -- seemingly because of a misunderstanding relating to a language barrier.

"I actually had to climb up on the roof myself to tell them that it was the wrong house,” said Ledversis.

The company’s owner was called and he showed up at the house to stop his workers. He also replaced the parts of the roof that had been torn off with matching shingles.

"If we weren't home, we would've came home and found the whole place stripped by the time we got home,” said Ledversis. “It's almost comical or a nightmare."

What makes it worse, Ledversis’ mother is battling stage-4 cancer, and was asleep inside her second-floor bedroom, when she was awakened by noise on the roof and a strange man waving at her through the window.

Contractors eventually arrived at the correct home in Providence.

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