School superintendent addresses bed bug concerns


Several parents and students have been contacting NBC 10 News about bed bug concerns at Woonsocket High School.

But Dr. Patrick J. McGee, who is the superintendent of the city's school department, said there is nothing to be worried about.

"First, let me say that there is no infestation, nor has there been an infestation, of bed bugs at Woonsocket High School or any other school in the Woonsocket Education Department," McGee said in a letter sent to parents and staff members on Wednesday.

McGee said one case of bedbugs was reported on January 29 to the school nurse, who followed the district protocol and addressed the issue.

"Next, the custodial staff at Woonsocket High School followed the district’s Pest Management and Control Procedures and thoroughly treated the necessary rooms on the evening of the reported incident," McGee said, adding that there have not been any reports or cases of bed bugs at the school since.

"Again, this was an isolated case and not an infestation of bed bugs at Woonsocket High School," McGee said. "Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either the high school administration or myself."

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