Scituate begins mold, asbestos cleanup of Town Hall

Scituate Town Hall is going to be closed down Friday because of health concerns caused by the presence of mold and asbestos. (WJAR File)

Scituate Town Hall was closed Friday morning while work to remove mold and asbestos found in the building was underway.

At Thursday night's Town Council meeting held in the Scituate High School Auditorium the announcement was made that Town Hall would be vacated because of health concerns.

NBC 10 News spoke with Scituate Town Council President, John Mahoney, Friday morning.

"The basement and the attic is infested with mold entirely. All of our town records, our historical documents, are infested with mold," said Mahoney.

Mahoney claims unhealthful conditions are the result of neglect from town leaders in the past.

"The women here at Town Hall have been asking for health and safety evaluations for upwards of a decade. None were ever done," said Mahoney.

In September, the Scituate police station closed after mold, asbestos, and lead paint contamination was found.

Police are currently working out of trailers.

"Unfortunately, with Scituate we wait, and we delay, too long for a lot of these problems," said resident, Kathy Lee.

Mahoney said it will cost about $325,000 to make Town Hall safe again.

Taxpayers are footing the bill.

"It's unfortunate, but health-wise you can't have these buildings where people are working in them with mold and asbestos," said Lee.

While mold and asbestos removal is done, Scituate town employees are being relocated to two different locations.

Some employees will temporarily work out of the zoning building located behind Town Hall while others will work out of Scituate's highway garage

If the work is done properly, town leaders expect all mold and asbestos inside Scituate Town Hall to be removed by Nov. 25.

Once the building is deemed safe again, Town Hall will reopen.

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