North Kingstown elementary school treating building for mold

South Kingstown elementary school treating building for mold. (WJAR)

It's an issue at least a couple of schools in southern New England are facing this year: mold.

There’s a problem at Ricci Middle School in North Providence, as well as a similar incident at Quidnessett Elementary in North Kingstown.

“Roughly two weeks ago, we had word after the inspection with the cleaning company that we have a significant amount of mold in one of the sections of Quidnessett Elementary School,” said North Kingstown Superintendent Dr. Phillip Auger.

Crews were hard at work Thursday doing mold remediation in North Kingstown.

“Things like this can happen time to time,” said Auger. “We had a situation once -- people came in to analyze. We knew it was a very humid summer and we also had work done on the fire suppression system at that school. So, there were a number of ceiling tiles opened up so, we believe it put stress on the AC unit because that is a school that has air conditioner.”

Auger said a project of this magnitude could cost anywhere between $200,000 and $400,000, but added that they are fortune to have an extra fund specifically set aside to tend to freak issues like this.

“We’re optimistic they’ll end clean up soon and then they’ll test and once we have a full clean test, will allow the opening of school even if it is a few days after school was set to begin,” said Auger.

School is expected to start on time at Quidnessett, but the first day of school will be delayed nearly a week Ricci due to a mold issue.

Interim Superintendent Robert O'Brien said the problem was recently detected and wants to ensure the air is safe before students and faculty return.

"They should complete the cleaning by next Friday," O'Brien told NBC 10 News Wednesday. "They'll do the air quality on Saturday and I'll get the results Monday, which is a holiday and then school will be ready to open on Tuesday."

Ricci will begin classes on September 4.

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