RI State Police give tips for safe driving this holiday season


When you hit the highway this holiday season, the Rhode Island State Police has a message for you.

"Do not drink and drive," said Sgt. Charles LeValley of the Lincoln Woods Barracks.

LeValley says Rhode Island State police has added patrols on the roads that are specifically looking for DUI offenses.

In fact the department says the month long period that just ended last week saw an estimated twenty-five percent more DUI arrests than the same period last year.

"There's no way you can't not know that you shouldn't get behind the wheel of a car, but unfortunately you can see they're doing it more than ever," said Sgt. LeValley.

RIDOT also works to get the word out, such as messages on electronic billboards that read, “Have a Holly Jolly Sober Holiday.”

No matter how you get the message, police just want to make sure you get it.

"We will be out there, we will be looking for you, and if we find you, you will be arrested and if it's close to Christmas you will spend the night in a cell block and miss out on Christmas with your family," said Sgt. LeValley.

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