Downed lines block road and firehouse in Scituate

Photo: Scituate PD

Utility crews on scene Sunday morning in the area of 200 Danielson Pike in Scituate repairing poles and wires that had been blocking the road since Friday.

A long wait for a major thoroughfare through town says Council President John Mahoney

"It's too long for this community it's a massive public safety issue when our arteries are cut down like this," said Mahoney.

In fact the North Scituate Fire Station had to temporarily stage elsewhere because of wires in front of the firehouse. The chief says it started when one pole snapped, the rest then followed.

"The remaining poles failed, about 5 or 6 poles all came down completely blocking the roadway," said North Scituate Fire Chief Adam Hebert.

North Scituate was then operating out of the town senior center on Chopmist Hill Road, about 6 miles away, making responding to calls in their district that much more challenging.

"And not only being across town, but with this main road closed even on the best days, it's a long response time, now we have to traverse around it, to get back into town that along with added traffic, our traffic lights out, has made it horrible," said Chief Hebert.

The North Scituate firefighters were finally able to move back into their station Sunday morning after the electric crews had arrived to make the necessary repairs.

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