Teacher: Drivers slow down for Tom Brady

A Roxbury teacher says drivers in a school zone slowed down when he put up a likeness of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. (NECN)

Tired of drivers speeding through a school zone, a Boston physical education teacher turned to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for help.

The Boston Globe reported that Sam Balto placed laminated cutouts of the player's face on pedestrian crossing signs outside an elementary school in the city's Roxbury neighborhood Wednesday.

Balto said he watched drivers speed through the 20-mph zone for months. The teacher used a speed radar monitor and posted the results on Twitter, clocking drivers between 30 and 56 mph.

Crosswalk posts were recently placed in the street near the school, but Balto says drivers would hit them and knock them over.

He placed the Brady images on the posts with the hope that people would slow down.

Balto said it "absolutely" worked.

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