Teen stabbed at Warwick Rite-Aid wants stricter laws for attempted murderers

“This could happen to anyone. It just happened to me,” Alyssa Garcia told NBC 10 News Friday, which was the same day her attacker, Jacob Gallant, was sentenced. (WJAR)

A man who repeatedly stabbed a worker at a Warwick drug store in March is being sent to prison for 25 years.

But the teenage victim thinks he should be locked up longer.

Alyssa Garcia, 18, was randomly attacked by a man with a butcher knife while she worked behind the counter at the Rite Aid on Warwick Avenue.

“This could happen to anyone. It just happened to me,” Garcia told NBC 10 News Friday, which was the same day her attacker was sentenced.

Garcia doesn't remember much about being stabbed about 20 times.

“Being pulled back and being rushed to the hospital and everyone is trying to keep me focused,” she recalled.

Her co-worker, Connor Devine, along with a customer, Stanley Bastian, stopped the attack.

“I owe them both a very big thank you,” Garcia told NBC 10.

Jacob Gallant of Westport, who repeatedly stabbed Garcia, was sentenced Friday to 25 years behind bars, though prosecutors wanted 45.

Garcia said the state's laws on attempted murder aren't strong enough, and she will now work to toughen them.

“We can't put them away for how long they should be put away for and I think we're just letting these people back on the loose,” she said.

Alyssa's sister, Tara Zorabedian, shared similar sentiments.

“The fact that he's only serving 25 years is really scary,” Zorabedian said. “We need to step up and say, ‘These acts of violence are not okay and we're not going to accept it.’ And to give someone 25 years for viciously attempting to murder someone kind of seems like a slap on the wrist.”

Garcia, who recently underwent surgery on her wrist and goes to physical therapy, is now healing. She also said she has a new sense of purpose.

“I also feel lucky that I was able to survive and let my side of the story out, to say that this is an issue and we need a fix,” she said.

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