Telephone pole held together with duct tape replaced amid concerns

A Providence, R.I., man is expressing concern about a telephone pole on River Avenue that's held together with duct tape. (WJAR)

A telephone pole in Providence that was being held together with duct tape was replaced Friday, following an NBC 10 report.

Neal Rogers lives near the pole, which is located at Sandringham and River avenues. He contacted NBC 10 earlier in the week, saying he was concerned about safety.

The pole was hit by a truck more than two weeks ago and split down the middle.

A crew checked the pole and used black tape to pull the two sides of the pole together.

NBC 10 contacted National Grid, which said a supervisor assessed the situation and deemed the pole to be safe for the short term.

But by Friday, Rogers got results, as a crew from National Grid replaced the pole.

“My concern was it was either going to fall on a house or fall into the street and take all of the wires out and maybe fall some someone’s car,” Rogers said. “To me, it was dangerous. Thanks to Channel 10 and (reporter) Danielle Kennedy, it got fixed.”

National Grid initially told NBC 10 the pole would be fixed next week, but now the work has been finished earlier than expected.

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