Town Hall: Your Voice, Your Future


A new generation of voters is becoming more active in politics, but mainstream news media organizations, and society in general, often overlook their views and opinions.

In the wake of galvanizing events like the Parkland shootings, the #MeToo movement, and ongoing scandals involving the current presidential administration, their thoughts need to be amplified more than ever as new generations prepare to assume a larger role in our nation’s politics.

Through a town-hall style discussion, NBC 10 will give a panel of young people the chance to express their attitudes on a range of topics affecting their generation in recent years.

This forum would also allow viewers the opportunity to observe the trends and discrepancies in the cumulative millennial mindset, and interact with the panel in real time over social media. Tag comments and questions on Twitter with #nbc10vote, and we may use them during the broadcast.


Tuesday, October 2 from Ruane Center For The Humanities at Providence College


7:00-8:00 PM EST


  • Parker Gavigan
  • Emily Volz
  • Social Media host: Lindsay Iadeluca


12 millennials & post-millennials

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