TSA: Blades, stun gun confiscated at T.F. Green Airport checkpoints

The Transportation Security Administration showed off prohibited items that were confiscated at security checkpoints at T.F. Green Airport.

Transportation Security Administration officials at T.F. Green Airport said that more than 3,200 items were left behind by passengers at the security checkpoint in 2017.

The items were either forgotten or confiscated for security reasons.

TSA officials said that most of the items were not brought to the airport to purposely inflict harm or cause a problem. A lot of people either don't realize they have them or don't know they're not allowed.

"You want to take a step back and think, 'Is this something I can take with me in the cabin of an aircraft?'" Mike McCarthy of the TSA said Thursday.

Blades, brass knuckles, and even gun parts have been confiscated at security checkpoints. Even an airsoft gun was taken. It's not a real gun, but it could certainly cause panic on an airplane.

"We want to make sure we can screen our passengers effectively, but also efficiently. We want to get you through and get you to your gate so you can fly on to your destination," said McCarthy.

Everything confiscated is turned over to a surplus agency in New Hampshire, as there isn't one in Rhode Island. Agents ask passengers to check their bags before they go to the airport to make the process more efficient for everyone.

"We want to get you through and get you to your gate and onto your destination," said McCarthy.

TSA agents also said about $1 million in loose change was collected last year from people leaving it at the checkpoint.

If there are any items you left behind at the airport, call 401-734-1900 to retrieve them.

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