Two accused of shoplifting at Wrentham outlet mall

    Wrentham police said two people were arrested at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets and charged with shoplifting. (Wrentham Police Department photo)

    Wrentham police said they arrested two people who allegedly shoplifted goods from stores at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.

    Police said the suspects were arrested at their car Saturday night after making several trips in and out of several stores. Police did not release the names of the suspects.

    "Their tactic is Step One: Hit a store or two. Step Two: Go out to the lot and dump the loot in their car. Repeat Step One and Two over and over until WPD throws a wrench in the plan," Chief Bill McGrath said in a Facebook post.

    Police said thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was recovered. McGrath said it filled the back of his SUV cruiser.

    "Ready for the next group," McGrath said.

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