Two arrested in stabbing ambush case, charged with intent to commit murder

Christine Araujo and Armando Gonzalez. (Pawtucket PD)

Last week a 28-year-old male was contacted on social media by a female for a sexual encounter.

However when the female picked him up an drove him to a parking lot in Pawtucket, police say another man ambushed the victim and stabbed him several times.

On Thursday, the Pawtucket Police Department announced they had arrested two individuals involved in the attack.

Police say Armando Gonzalez, 31 of Woonsocket, was the man who stabbed the victim repeatedly during the ambush.

The woman who lured the victim to the attack was identified as Christine Araujo, 29 of North Providence.

Both Araujo and Gonzalez were charged with Assault with the intent to commit murder, felony assault, conspiracy and disorderly conduct.

Gonzalez will be arraigned on Thursday in 6th District, while Araujo will be arraigned Friday at 6th District.

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