United States Postal Service workers are like 'Santas behind the scenes'


Monday was expected to be the busiest day of the year for the United States Postal Service.

About 190,000 packages were sorted at the processing and distribution center on Corliss Street in Providence.

“Every year, we've been challenged to do more. The package growth has really gone up and they take pride in becoming like the Santa’s behind the scenes and getting the mail out,” said Buddy Crosby, who is the plant manager.

Crosby said 100 employees were hired for the season to help handle the holiday packages.

Online sales have increased the number of packages that get moved through the Providence plant every year.

“It changes the game for everybody, even like the mom and pop shops,” Crosby said. “There are a lot of folks going online. A lot of people are mailing things. Everybody's becoming more fluid on sending packages, receiving packages. Obviously, Amazon's busy, Target's busy, Walmart's busy.”

To make sure packages get to their destination by Christmas, the priority shipping deadline is Dec. 20. The priority express deadline is Dec. 22.

“We encourage people not to wait until the last minute,” Crosby said.

Along with putting the proper postage and writing legibly, USPS is reminding customers to make sure packages are properly wrapped.

“We don't want to see anything coming out,” Crosby said.

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