Watch: Video of toddler scaling locked pool gate goes viral

A video of a toddler scaling a locked above-ground pool gate has gone viral. (Keith Wyman)

A video of a toddler scaling a locked above-ground pool gate has gone viral.

Keith Wyman told NBC 10 News on Monday that he and his family were in the backyard when he saw his two-year-old son, Cody, begin to climb the gate, which is supposed to prevent children from using the ladder.

“Within two seconds, he was up,” Wyman said.

The Attleboro father said he was so astonished, he had Cody climb the gate again so he could record it.

In the video, Wyman’s wife, Tonya, is seen pulling Cody down just as he gets to the edge of the pool.

“If a two-year-old can do it, a six-year-old can do it,” he said.

Wyman bought the ladder and gate in May from Seasonal Pool Supply in Attleboro. The store owner said the gate is manufactured by Canadian company VinylWorks.

“This should be a solid piece and should go up to the top,” Wyman said, motioning to the bars on the gate.

He shared the video on Facebook in an attempt to warn parents that the children could easily slip into the pool and drown. His video has been viewed more than 16 million times.

“You can’t not watch them for one second because it only took him two seconds to climb that thing without stairs,” Wyman said.

Seasonal Pool Supplies offered the Wymans any replacement ladder and gate, but all gates were similar to the VinylWorks version. Wyman contacted the Canadian company and has not received a response.

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