Vigil held for boys allegedly killed by their mother; Family speaks out

A candlelight vigil was held in Brockton to remember two boys who prosecutors said were killed by their mother. 

A candlelight vigil was held Thursday night in Brockton to remember two boys who prosecutors said were killed by their mother.

Five-year-old Lason and 8-year-old Edson Brito were stabbed to death in their home over the weekend.

Prosecutors said Latarsha Sanders confessed to stabbing them as part of a voodoo ritual.

The vigil, which was led by a local clergy member, was held outside the family's apartment at 247 Prospect St., with about 100 people in attendance. Community members left plush toys, balloons and other mementos at the site.

Family members spoke at the vigil, with her daughter saying that the woman who was arrested was not the woman she thought she knew.

"I love my brothers. My mother, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. The lady in this picture is not my mother," Shalea Sanders said.

Edson Brito, the boys' father, said he never noticed her practicing voodoo.

"She's not a bad parent. She always loved her kids," he said.

Her brother also said she loved her kids.

"She took good care of them," he said. "It was her main priority. Somewhere down the line, something might have gone wrong. I know my family all probably feels guilty in a way, but could no one see or foresee anything that was going to happen?"

He father said he mourns for his grandsons, as well as his daughter.

"What she feels for what she did -- she's got to suffer and I'm going to suffer right along with her," he said "I ain't never going to give up on her."

Court documents show that family members were concerned about Sanders mental health and that she was into voodoo, as well as the Illuminati. She's being held without bail on two counts of murder.

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