Warwick facility providing sanctuary to 153 birds involved in Conn. hoarding case

    Photo courtesy Rhode Island Parrot Rescue.

    Rhode Island Parrot Rescue is providing emergency shelter to 153 birds found in deplorable conditions in a home in Weston Connecticut on Thursday.

    Volunteers at RIPR worked through the night to make the birds comfortable as they arrived frightened, chilly and in a variety of conditions early Saturday morning.

    The birds had been kept in a barn in Weston, Connecticut along with other reptiles, some dead in their cages.

    The stench drew authorities to investigate and the animals were promptly removed.

    Volunteers were on sight at the Warwick facility Saturday, power washing and assembling cages, cleaning, feeding, and providing comfort to the victims.

    The rescue is asking the public for their assistance.

    Small and medium cages can be dropped off Saturday at the facility at 2141 West Shore Road in Warwick.

    A refrigerator, storage containers, perches and toys of all sizes as well as monetary donations are desperately needed according to the facility’s director.

    Donations can be made via riparrots.org.

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