Warwick man arrested in his baby's death

    Ryan Beeley (Warwick Police Department)

    A Warwick man arrested in connection with the death of his 7-month-old baby was arraigned Wednesday afternoon.

    Thirty-seven-year-old Ryan Beeley was charged with felony cruelty and neglect to a child after his daughter Willow was found unresponsive by her mother, Mariah Ramos, Tuesday night.

    Beeley, who was emotional in court, could barely say his name and date of birth through sobs.

    His family was there in support of him, but had nothing to say to assembled members of the media outside.

    NBC 10 News spoke to Stephanie Aurelio, who lives next door to Beeley.

    “I just heard a little bang and a bunch of crying, screaming,” Aurelio said. “I open the door, I go outside, and I see them take the baby in an ambulance.”

    Beeley's public defender blocked the facts of the case from being read in court. While Warwick police would not say what exactly they think happened inside, they noted that it wasn’t the first time they reported to the home.

    “We had been called back in August of 2016," Maj. Brad Connor said. "At the time, we checked the well-being of Willow, who was six-weeks-old at the time.”

    Police said Beeley alerted police to the house during that incident after family members showed up and questioned his ability to care for the child.

    The Rhode Island Department of Chidren, Youth, and Families has an open case with the family, but it is not known whether or not it has had contact with them since August.

    "We can confirm previous involvement with the family where we twice investigated concerns communicated though our Child Abuse Hotline," Denis Riel, a spokesman for DCYF, said in a statement to NBC 10. "Upon investigation, in both cases, we concluded that the allegations were unsubstantiated. The family was not formally involved with DCYF as a result of the unsubstantiated findings."

    Beeley's bail was set for $50,000 with surety. He will be back in court in March.

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