Warwick suspends beach fee program for the season, will conduct study

Warwick suspends beach fee program for the season, will conduct study.

The Warwick Mayor’s office announced the suspension of the city’s proposed beach fee program for the season.

JIM COLLINS APPLAUDS THE DECISION. “Good. I’m glad because I’ve lived here all my life and I’m 83. People like to come down here and have a cup of coffee,” the Navy veteran tells NBC10.

Mayor Joseph J. Solomon, who was sworn in this week after Scott Avedisian left to head the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority, cited resident concerns as a factor for ending the program before it begins. Solomon says a detailed analysis of the issue is needed.

The study is expected to delve into projected revenues, costs and the source of beach litter which was the reason given for the program.

The mayor says litter at the beach will still be addressed even without the implementation of the fee program.

“Our beaches are some of Warwick’s best recreational and environmental assets,” Solomon said in a statement. “My ultimate goal is to ensure that our beaches are clean for the enjoyment of our residents and out-of-town guests and to keep litter from polluting the Bay, without putting a possibly undue financial burden on beachgoers. Putting this program on hold will enable us to get a better grasp of any causal factors related to the litter that’s being generated and address the problem in a fiscally-responsible, effective, and multi-faceted way.”

He says the summer jobs posted for high school students to collect fees will just be converted to picking up litter.

Local residents are relieved that the amenity which has been free for more than 20 years, will remain that way.

“I live right up the street so it makes it easier to come down here with my grandkids if I don’t have to pay for it,” Bob Duggan tells NBC10. “let’s have one beach at least open to the public. It's a good idea for Warwick.."

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