Watch: Man performs song in honor of Benny’s

Kenneth Johnson, of Narragansett, performs a short song as a tribute to Benny’s just weeks ahead of the stores final few closure. (Photo courtesy of Kenneth Johnson) 

A Narragansett man wrote and performed a short song as a tribute to Benny’s just weeks ahead of the chain's final few closures.

Kenneth Johnson appears in a 34-second video he posted on Facebook.

He sings and plays the harmonica outside the now-closed Benny’s in Wakefield, with the iconic sign as his backdrop.

“I can’t go to Benny’s no more,” he sings, stopping for a moment to play his harmonica. “No, I can’t, no I can’t. They closed it and locked up the door.”

As of Thursday, only the Greenville location will remain open.

In September, the owners announced that they are retiring after 93 years of business. All stores will close by the end of 2017.

“It’s a sad day,” Johnson, a lifelong Benny’s shopper, sings.

Johnson, who has been performing professionally and gigging with local bands for about a decade, told NBC 10 News that he was feeling gloomy about the closures when he started singing.

“I needed some car stuff -- oil and such -- and literally saying, "I can’t go to Benny’s no more.’ My crib probably came from there.”

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