West Greenwich Police investigate Senate campaign sign theft

    Lou Raptakis sign stolen in West Greenwich and Coventry. (WJAR)

    The West Greenwich Police Department is investigating a case of theft against Independent Senate Candidate for District 33, Scott Copley, who was caught stealing the signs of Democratic Senator Leonidas Raptakis.

    Raptakis says he’s noticed several of his campaign signs have gone missing, which led him to do some digging.

    Two separate incidents, caught on camera, show Copley removing Raptakis' campaign signs at two different gas stations: A Sunoco Gas Station off of Exit 6 and a Mobile Gas Station off of exit 7 on I-95 South in West Greenwich.

    "A gentleman known as Scott Copley entered the gas station, picked up one of the signs, went to the other side of the gas station pretended he was installing a sign, took both signs and left," said Raptakis.

    Rapkatis says he called the police who went to Copley’s home and informed him he needed to put the signs back. So, he did.

    This surveillance footage shows Copley placing the signs back from where he took them.

    "I had nothing to hide," said Copley. "I didn’t destroy the signs I didn’t rip them up, I put them there to be returned to the owner because they weren’t supposed to be on that property."

    Raptakis says both gas stations gave him permission to place his signs on their property but Copley says he was told differently, which is why he removed them.

    Copley says he was planning to give them back.

    The Sunoco Gas Station general manager says his sales manager told them both they could put their signs up.

    NBC 10 News reached out to the Mobile Gas Station, but we couldn’t get ahold of them.

    "First of all, it was private property," said Raptakis. "He had no permission at all to remove those signs. His behavior is unacceptable, unethical and criminal."

    "He puts his signs wherever he wants and as far as I know he didn’t have permission from the managers," said Copley.

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