What was that noise? Cranston and Johnston residents curious about early morning sound

    Cranston and Johnston residents were awoken early this morning to a loud sound, police are still investigating what that sound actually was. (WJAR)

    Some Cranston residents say Saturday morning’s wake up call is one they’ll never forget.

    "It was very strange," said Jeremy Braza of Cranston. "Something weird definitely did happen around 5:40 this morning, something I’ve never heard before."

    Jeremy Braza lives along Derbyshire Drive in Cranston.

    His doorbell camera captured a video and audio of a very loud noise.

    "The whole house shook," said Braza. "It woke my wife up woke up all my children."

    In the recording, the loud noise begins at roughly 5:39 and continues to almost 5:43. It pauses for a few seconds and then continues for another three minutes.

    Throughout most of the video, everything around the home remained still.

    "I called the Cranston Fire Department because I was concerned and they said they received dozens of others calling in about the same thing," said Braza. "At first, I was worried maybe it had something to do with my gas like what happened over in Newport."

    Julia Gibbons and her husband who live nearby heard it too.

    "The sound was so loud," said Gibbons. "My husband opened the window to see if he could see anything but he didn’t and it couldn’t have been an airplane because the sound would’ve slowly faded away which it didn’t."

    Gibbons said her friends in both Cranston and Johnston have claimed to have heard what she heard but what exactly caused it is still unknown.

    "A lot of people said wind turbines, some people said it must have been a steam release maybe from the power plant, lots of people said it was aliens."

    James Goulden lives a few miles away in Johnston right near the power plant in front of the wind turbines.

    "I got one [turbine] 100 feet from me and I don’t even notice it," said Goulden.

    Goulden said people should rule out the possibility of it being the wind turbine because he didn’t hear the noise and lives right in front of them.

    "I got home around 430 this morning, I was up for about an hour," said Goulden. "I heard something down the Cranston end that maybe sounded like a dump truck hitting a pothole but that was it I didn’t think anything of it."

    Both the Johnston and Cranston Police Departments confirmed to NBC 10 News they are still searching for a cause. At this time nothing has been confirmed.

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