When it comes to finding companionship, this pug is no dummy

    Shorty with Farc. (WJAR)

    Marc Peralta of Foster has a constant companion in his pug Shorty.

    He adopted the canine eleven years ago and has been by his side ever since, even taking Shorty with him when he travels for work, which is often.

    But turning fifteen years old, the travel has become too much for the pug and Peralta has started leaving him at home, something Shorty has not taken kindly to.

    "He would cry and bark and whine and nothing I did would really comfort him," said Marc’s wife Kristen Peralta who tried everything to comfort Shorty to no avail, until her mother found the idea online: a mannequin.

    "This is not going to work, this is crazy," said Kristen who was skeptical, but she did it, dressing the dummy in Marc's worn shirt, a hat, and even tattooed sleeves because Marc’s arms have tattoos.

    "Wrapped the arms around Shorty so he was nice and smug and within half an hour he was asleep, and he slept through the night,” said Kristen.

    They even named the mannequin Farc, for fake Marc.

    "It's humbling to be replaced by a mindless dummybut it is what it is,” joked Marc.

    “As long as my guy is comfortable, I'll deal with it," he added.

    The Peraltas are no strangers to caring for dogs.

    They founded an organization called Vintage Pet Rescue where they take in dogs who are at the end of life because of age and/or illness.

    "Fake Marc is providing comfort and companionship when I can’t be here so that ties into what we do, we want them comfortable, happy, cozy in a home," said Marc.

    To find out more about their nonprofit rescue go to www.vintagepetrescue.org.

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