Truck hauling giant generator moved to Park & Ride lot

    An overweight truck that was stopped at the side of Interstate 95 in Warwick for days was gone Friday morning.

    NBC 10 News found the truck at the Park & Ride lot on Centerville Road. The flatbed truck was pulled over because it's too heavy for any bridges in the state.

    Bay Crane, the company transporting the oversize load, told NBC 10 News that it expected to get a permit before the load left Quonset for a destination in northern Massachusetts.

    A spokesman said the company met with the state Department of Transportation to discuss possible routes that avoid bridges.

    NBC 10 asked RIDOT Director Peter Alviti why the heavy generator on the trick was moved, despite concerns it could damage a bridge or highway.

    “That went rather smoothly,” Alviti said. “We were able to identify a site right adjacent to the accident, and there were no additional structures that they had to go to get there.”

    Engineers, both from Bay Crane and RIDOT, are looking to map out a new route -- one that wouldn't damage the road or cause collapse on bridge it could pass.

    “It's all dependent on the final analysis,” said Alviti.

    So far, RIDOT inspectors said the roads and bridges the heavy load already went across were not damaged.

    The massive truck left the Port of Davisville at the Quonset Development Corporation. From there, it took Route 403 to Route 4 north. The truck then got onto Interstate 95 North, where it was pulled over shortly afterwards.

    Buts it's still unclear if the Bay Crane company will get cited or fined for moving the generator without the proper permits, nearly sending it across bridges that may not collapsed under the heavy load.

    “Our analysis is indicating that no, that was not a route that we would have approved,” said Alviti, who said the state's maximum allowable load without a permit is 80,000 pounds.

    But the 16-axle truck is carrying a 560,000-pound generator.

    Alviti said if the truck traveled over a structurally deficient bridge, it could have caused a "critical failure" of the bridge structure.

    The Bay Crane company claims they paid an engineering company about $30,000 to evaluate the truck route and permit -- and they claim the company told them the permit would be approved, so they went ahead putting that truck on the road before any permit was actually in their hands.

    Alviti said four bridges the truck already traveled over coming from Quonset are being re-inspected.

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