Woman struck by alleged drunk driver has died

Andrea Bosworth of Medway, who was struck by an alleged drunk driver in October 2017, has died. (Courtesy photo)

A Massachusetts community is mourning a mother and well-known athlete.

Andrea Bosworth, 38, of Medway, was hit by a suspected drunk driver on I-95 in the early morning hours on October 22.

After fighting for almost one month, the mother of three died at Rhode Island Hospital on Thanksgiving.

“She loved to teach, she loved to race and she loved her kids,” said Roy Cervantes, who owns a Holliston bike store.

Cervantes trained with Bosworth. Her bikes are still sitting in his shop.

“She was a woman who loved life, loved her family, competed fiercely and tried to help everybody,” he said.

Friends told NBC 10 News that Bosworth lived life to the fullest. She competed in three Ironman competitions and inspired others to reach their goals.

Bosworth finished her third race just one week before she was hit.

“It made her happy and proud to show to these new triathletes, that even though she was an Ironman and they were a little but intimidated by her at first, that they could do the same things that she could do,” Cervantes said.

Police charged 30-year-old Yiranis Liz for driving under the influence after they said she lost control of her vehicle on Interstate 95. Bosworth was in the breakdown lane helping a friend when she was hit.

Like so many of her friends and family, Cervantes spent hours at the hospital by Bosworth’s side.

“We all know she would have done the same for us if we were in that position,” he said.

Bosworth’s friends said her positive, “can-do” attitude was contagious. It made others believe anything is possible.

“When she was out on the course, she would give it her all,” Cervantes said. “But when she was with her family and her friends, she’d give everything.”

It’s a memory family and friends hope lives on.

A Rhode Island State Police spokesperson told NBC 10 the agency is working with the attorney general’s office to upgrade charges at Liz’s next court appearance.

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