Young crooner from North Providence channels Sinatra, Bublé for new Christmas song

For 17-year-old Ron Giorgio, the music has always come easy, naturally. (WJAR)

When you think of Frank Sinatra, or more recently Michael Bublé, you think of music referred to as "The Standards."

There's a North Providence High School senior who's channeling that very music, and a new Christmas Song, on Federal Hill in Providence Thursday night.

For 17-year-old Ron Giorgio, the music has always come easy, naturally.

“My grandmother taught me to sing like Elvis and all that,” said Giorgio, who got into Sinatra at an early age and hasn’t lost interest since.

Honing his craft since middle school, he graduated to singing at parties, and now wows the crowds at Anthony's Restaurant on Federal Hill most Thursday and Friday nights.

“That's just me, you know what I mean? That's what I like. That's what appeals to me,” said Giorgio.

People may ask how someone so young can have such a passion for The Standards.

“If I had a dime, you know what I mean, for every time, 'You're an old soul,' or 'You were somebody else back then, you know, reincarnated,’” he drifts off into that thought. “My grandfather, my father's father, he came from Federal Hill, and they used to have the Doo-Wop Groups and all that, he was in one of those.”

Through the holidays, an original song called, "Only at Christmastime" written by his middle school band teacher, is part of the repertoire.

Greg Berger still teaches, now the next generation of musicians, at both Birchwood and Ricci Middle Schools.

“I couldn't believe it as a sixth grader back then (when he was) talking about Frank Sinatra and blues and jazz. It really intrigued me,” said Berger, with Giorgio adding, “This is a new song. It's got a nice feel to it -- a very Christmas feel to it. Very nostalgic.”

For now, Giorgio is content with still being in school and crooning on the side, with an eye on a career in maybe law and politics.

But it seems he has a flair for the musical spotlight.

Who knows what the future holds?

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