Zoots customers retrieve their belongings

Clothes remain inside a Zoots dry-cleaning store in Attleboro, Feb. 2, 2018.  The chain opened its stores for one day so customers could claim their belongings. (WJAR)

Customers of the bankrupt Zoots dry-cleaning chain were be able to pick up their belongings Friday.

The Brockton-based company filed for bankruptcy two weeks ago and abruptly closed.

All stores were open until 4 p.m. Friday so customers could retrieve any items left behind.

Customers told NBC 10 News that the company emailed them to tell them the business was shutting down.

Zoots employees who are losing their jobs told NBC 10 that their customers are like family and that’s what they’ll miss the most.

Customers picking up belongings at the store on Washington Street in Attleboro shared the same sentiment.

"Sad to see them go," said Chris Rennick of East Greenwich. "They’re good people and never had any issues."

The company’s bankruptcy trustee also informed customers that if they can’t pick up their clothing on Friday, it will be shipped to a centralized location for pickup at a later date. For those who participate in delivery service, customers are being told that their garments will be delivered to them.

"(It's) pretty sad, and it’s pretty fast," said Rennick of the closing. "We’ve been using Zoots for a long time – my immediate family and my parents."

Customers confirm that they are being charged for the cleaning services when picking up their garments even though the company is out of business.

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