Best time for caffeine? There's an app for that

A new app will tell you the best time to drink coffee. (MGN)

A new app will tell you the best time to drink coffee. U.S. Army researchers have developed a smartphone app that can tell you by using algorithms and sleep pattern information how much caffeine you should have for optimal alertness and when you should consume it. It's called the 2B-Alert app.

A judge is expected to rule Tuesday on the massive media merger between AT&T and Time Warner. It's been years of negotiations and political uncertainty. Meanwhile, CNBC is reporting that if the merger is approved, Comcast will announce a bid for Fox on Wednesday.

The selloff in cryptocurrencies is getting worse. Bitcoin is down 50 percent this year. Some observers pinned the latest retreat on an exchange hack in South Korea.

Burger King is trolling IHOP now that it announced it too will sell burgers. Burger King tweeted a picture of "Pancake King," mocking IHOP for changing its name to IHOb for "burger." Burger King already sells pancakes.

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