Boeing unveils concept for new supersonic jet

Boeing has unveiled a concept for a new supersonic jet. (LilaMax Media)

Boeing has unveiled a renovated supersonic jet that can take you from the U.S. to Japan in three hours. Right now, the flight is around 16 hours. Boeing's CEO is pushing to explore the potential of ultra-fast passenger jets, but anything like it is likely decades away.

The U.S. Supreme Court is expected to rule Wednesday on whether public employees can be required to pay union fees, even if they are not union members. A ruling against AFSCME would affect unions across the U.S., with many of them taking a revenue hit. They could also lose negotiating power for future contracts.

The federal debt is headed for the highest since World War II, and it's getting worse. The Congressional Budget Office says debt will be 152 percent of GDP by 2048.

Facebook has abandoned its plans to build giant drones that would beam the internet to hard to reach corners of the world. The company says it will lay off the workers involved in that program. The program had a rocky start and redesigns of the drone before Facebook decided to scrap it altogether.

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