Facebook gets into dating game


Facebook is rolling out a new dating feature, a move that immediately sent shares of dating apps plunging. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said it would connect people who aren't friends and focus on real, long-term relationships not just hook-ups. It's opt-in only and users would be able to build their profile out of the view of their Facebook friends.

The iPhone X hasn't led to a boom in the number of phones Apple is selling, but the company has made a lot of money on the ones it did sell. Apple sold just over 52 million iPhones last quarter, less than expected. But the high price tag boosted profits. Apple plans a new $100 billion share buyback program and a 16 percent increase in its quarterly dividends.

United Airlines has new policies for pets that travel. One of the big changes is United has banned many breeds of dogs and cats out of concern for the health of the animals. And some hot cities may not be able to accept all Pets due to temperature. It will also work with the American Humane Society on pet safety.

P.F. Chang's opened its first location in China. There's a twist. It will be an American bistro serving Americanized Chinese food. The company says the concept resonates with the Chinese.

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