Fancy Christmas tree lights? There's an app for that

There's an app that can control your Christmas tree lights. (LilaMax Media)

There's an app that can control your Christmas tree lights. Called Twinkly, the app works with Wi-Fi to control the led lights and you can set it up to have certain colors and patterns. The set up promises to be quick, and the app is free for both iOS and Android.

Several provisions in the bill that GOP lawmakers had passed Tuesday would violate Senate rules. The embarrassing snag came just hours after jubilant Republican lawmakers and President Trump celebrated the flawed bill's passage through the lower chamber. So now the House will revote Wednesday and then it goes to President Trump for signature.

High-tech software is the latest holiday Grinch. The so-called Grinch bots run automated scans of the web and buy up all the hot toys with mass orders, then they resell them on eBay and other sites with huge markups. Some retail experts say the Grinch bots are even taking items out of online shopping carts. Lawmakers are looking at legislation to control the Grinch bots.

If you're looking for a last minute gift, try a digital gift card. They can be delivered instantly, or on the date of your choice. Just about every online and brick and mortar retailer offers them. They also come in varying amounts.

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