Flu costing businesses billions in lost productivity

Flu Season (MGN)

Flu cases are up sharply across the nation and it's costing U.S. businesses billions. Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an employment consulting firm, estimates the flu virus will cause 1 million adults to miss at least four, eight-hour shifts this year. That works out to about $9.4 billion in lost productivity nationwide. The Centers for Disease Control says those who are sick should stay home to limit the health and financial damage.

Google can now predict flight delays. Its flights app will not only list confirmed flight delays, but it will also display reasons for the delays and, in some cases, even predict delays. It uses historic data to come up with flights likely to be delayed.

Older athletes are raking in big dough in sponsorships. Tom Brady, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Floyd Mayweather all have lucrative deals. Forbes says six of the top 20 earning athletes of 2017 are over the age of 35.

Americans are spending more on Super Bowl parties this year. On average, organizing a Super Bowl party will set back hosts about $207, according to LendEDU. About two-thirds of the money spent will go to food and alcoholic drinks.

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