Jeep, Disney ranked most patriotic brands


Jeep, Disney and Coca-Cola continue to rank high as the brands that are quintessentially American.

Facebook and the NFL were knocked out of the top 50 this year.

Another American brand that saw steep declines, dropping 16 points, was Harley-Davidson, which has recently weathered intense criticism by President Trump for moving manufacturing overseas.

The Brand Keys survey found that consumers' self-perceptions of patriotism and patriotism as an overall ideology have continued to shift and increase with age.

Among respondents who said they were "extremely" or "very" patriotic, 85 percent were baby boomers, 68 percent were Generation X, 53 percent were millennials and 42 percent were Gen Z.

Ford, American Express, Hershey's, Twitter, Jack Daniels, AT&T and Walmart round out the top 10 most patriotic brands.

Brands that made the biggest jumps on the list were Amazon, which moved up 28 points to No. 12, and Apple, which moved 27 points to No. 13

Several brands have been modernizing their patriotic messages to embrace diversity as definitive of the American experience. Pabst Blue Ribbon recently unveiled a campaign exploring what the American dream means to millennials, the country's most diverse generation in history.

Consumers are growing to expect brands to take a stance on political and social but doing so can be risky, especially in today's divisive political climate.

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