Report: Amazon eyes Toys R Us stores for retail expansion

Amazon (MGN)

Amazon has looked at the possibility of expanding its retail footprint by acquiring some locations from bankrupt Toys R Us. Bloomberg says the online giant isn't interested in maintaining the Toys R Us brand, but has considered using the soon-to-be-vacant spaces for its own purposes. Meanwhile, there are reports on Reddit of Apple products heavily discounted at Toys R Us stores.

Facebook shed nearly $40 billion in market value as investors sold off the stock. They wanted out as a third-party group had access to user information without those people's permission. Meanwhile, Facebook's chief information security officer Alex Stamos is reportedly leaving after disagreements over how the social media network should handle the spread of disinformation.

Uber has halted its self-driving program after a fatal pedestrian accident. Following the accident, Uber is temporarily pulling its self-driving cars off the roads in Tempe, Arizona, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Toronto, where it is testing them, a spokeswoman said. She said Uber is investigating the incident and cooperating with authorities.

Tobacco use is shown more on streaming shows than on cable TV. The antismoking nonprofit Truth Initiative found the seven Netflix shows in the sample had 319 "tobacco incidents," more than the seven broadcast and cable TV shows examined, which had 139 incidents among them. "Stranger Things," especially, had a lot of smoking.

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