Samsung refrigerator responds to your voice commands

Samsung is trying to make the refrigerator more exciting. (LilaMax Media)

Samsung is trying to make the refrigerator more exciting. The new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator adds a bunch of entertainment and smart home controls, like playing music and sharing calendars. They are all controlled with a voice command.

Alabama edged out North Carolina as the winner in a multistate contest for a prized Toyota and Mazda joint car factory. The plant is huge, worth $1.6 billion and will bring up to 4,000 jobs. Bloomberg said the companies will make an official announcement Wednesday in the state. Mazda crossover vehicles and the Toyota Corolla will be made there.

Target says holiday sales were much stronger than expected. Both stores and online did well. Target spent billions sprucing up its stores and was competitive on prices.

Movie ticketing service MoviePass now has more than 1.5 million paid subscribers, adding 500,000 in less than a month. The service allows subscribers to purchase a single movie ticket a day for a flat monthly subscription fee by using a mobile app. It unveiled a pricing plan in August at $9.95 per month. It then offered a limited-time subscription in November of $6.95 a month.

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