We're running out of sand, and the shortage will drive up prices

The world is running out of sand, which has created a black market for it. (LilaMax Media)

Sand is an important part of the global economy and we're running out of it. There's even a black market for sand. Sand is used to make glass and electronics, and in fracking. Much of the world's construction is reliant on sand as well for concrete. A shortage could drive up the cost of homes and buildings.

The era of easy money is over. The Federal Reserve is poised to raise interest rates Wednesday for the second time this year. The hike will hit short-term loans first, like credit cards and car loans.

The number of households on food stamps has fallen below 20 million for the first time since 2010. The USDA says the downward trend in enrollment has only continued over President Trump's first year in office, keeping on pace with the stable decline in food stamp participation since 2013.

Used car prices are at a record high. Higher gasoline prices have boosted interest in smaller cars, which is one of the things driving up prices.

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