Santa pictures causing sticker shock

Parents are finding that a picture with Santa doesn't come cheap. (LilaMax Media)

Kids' photos with Santa are serious business. Some places are charging into the hundreds of dollars for photos, frames and digital downloads. And moms and dads better make reservations. At a New Jersey mall, parents can buy fast passes for shorter wait times, and one New York photographer lets children take silly pictures with Santa where kids can tie him up and pull on his beard.

McDonald's will launch a new dollar menu next year. It includes a new chicken sandwich and Happy Meals. The new menu debuts Jan. 4 and replaces the McPick 2 menu. The new menu includes various meals costing between $1 and $3.

American Airlines has pilots to fly all the flights over the holidays, but it will cost the company. American is offering pilots 150 percent of their hourly rate to pick up open shifts. A scheduling glitch left thousands of Christmas-time flights without pilots to fly the planes. Christmas travel is expected to soar this year.

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