Sprint ending unlimited deal this week

30,000 Sprint customers eligible to claim uncashed rebate checks (file photo)

Sprint's $15 a month unlimited wireless promotion had huge demand, as you can imagine. It's ending the deal Friday at midnight eastern time. Sprint would not comment on how many people have taken advantage of the promotion.

Let the media mergers begin. Comcast has bid $65 billion for 21st Century Fox. That is more than what Disney said it would pay. The announcement comes a day after a federal judge cleared the way for AT&T to buy Time Warner. Media companies are trying to merge as pay TV dies and more people turn to streaming.

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates, and that quarter point hike will add more than $2 billion in credit card interest charges. At the end of March, the average interest rate charge on cards, according to the Fed, was 15.32 percent, an 18-year high.

Twitter wants to inject more live events in its feed. It says it may send you a personalized push notification if an event is happening that it believes you'll be interested in. It wants to focus on sports and news for the live events.

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