Time's running out to get Amazon Prime for $99

Amazon Prime (MGN)

If you’ve thought about becoming an Amazon Prime member, time is running out to get the lower price. You have until Friday to lock in the current $99 annual membership fee. The price is going up to $119 on Friday. Current prime members will see the change when they're up for renewal, starting June 16.

A fire knocked out production at one of Ford’s suppliers. The shortage of parts will halt production of one of Ford’s most profitable vehicles, the F-150 pick-up truck. The move means approximately 4,000 workers at Ford's Dearborn truck plant will be temporarily laid off, joining roughly 3,600 workers at Ford's truck plant in Kansas City who were told to stay home earlier this week.

Sears stock surged on a deal with Amazon to install tires sold on its site. It was the best day for Sears stock in over a year. The deal also includes Sears selling its DieHard range of tires on the online retailer’s website.

Papa John’s is cutting pizza prices, which is good for pizza lovers but bad for the company’s bottom line. The company is trying to reverse a sales slide that happened after its deal with the NFL ended.

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