Toys R Us plans to close another 200 stores

Toys R Us (MGN)

Toys R Us plans to close another 200 stores and lay off a significant portion of its corporate staff. This follows disappointing holiday sales. The Wall Street Journal says the latest wave of closings would cut nearly in half the number of U.S. stores it had before its bankruptcy filing. A list of stores the company is planning to close was not immediately available.

Ford's North American president is leaving the company over misconduct allegations. Rak Nair was responsible for leading all aspects of Ford's business in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Digital is starting to pay off for newspapers. The New York Times, McClatchy and Gannett say subscriptions to websites are offsetting losses on the print side of their businesses.

Sales of beer continue to be flat as Millennials prefer wine and liquor. Research firm Berenberg said the slump could get worse as Generation Z comes of age. The survey indicates that Gen Z will consume less alcohol than Millennials and other age groups.

If the winter Olympics inspired you to ski or snowboard, you still have time to score a bargain. says March is a good month to get a deal on a ski vacation as long as you avoid spring break.

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