Police: HIV-positive man assaulted hospital nurse with bodily fluids

Montrel Minor, 28 (Northport Police)

Update (10/26): Minor waived his arraignment and pleaded not guilty.

Original: An HIV-positive Alabama man has been charged with assault with bodily fluids in a bizarre attack on hospital nurse, police officers confirm.

Northport Police officers said Montrel Minor, 28, assaulted a Northport DCH nurse in the emergency room with what he called the "last kiss of death."

"Because he had HIV... it made it a felony charge," Northport Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter said.

Carpenter said Minor could face up to ten years in prison. Police didn't know the suspect's motives or if he had done something similar before.

DCH Spokesperson Brad Fisher said they're following CDC guidelines in testing the nurse as they would with any other fluid exposures.

Court records show the nurse's first test came back negative. She will have to test again in six months for final results.

"We take it very seriously...when first responders or medical staff are trying to help someone and they do something like spit on them," Carpenter said.

Minor was booked into jail on a $10,000 bond.

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