Pay it Forward: Charlestown teacher keeps students physically, mentally fit


    A health and physical education teacher at Charlestown Elementary School helps students stay fit physically -- and mentally.

    About 50 percent of students join Dr. Cathy Moffitt two mornings a week before classes to run. They come by choice and earn bracelets for each lap they complete.

    “She is the best gym teacher ever,” one student told NBC 10 News Wednesday.

    They all agreed.

    “She's a really great teacher,” another said, with yet another adding. “She encourages me to run.”

    Moffitt said she started the program because she figured it was an activity everyone would be able to do.

    “It doesn't require any extra equipment and all the research shows exercise and those brain boosts are so imperative for our kids,” she said.

    That’s one of the reasons NBC 10’s Alison Bologna presented Moffitt with $500 to use at the school.

    “We do incentives for the kids so it can go towards that,” Moffitt said.

    Amber Thomas, of Charlestown, nominated Moffitt.

    “No one is more deserving than her,” Thomas said. “She's amazing. She's here every day with the kids and she just deserves it. This is our future and she's invested in it.”

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