Tech This Out: ArtRage 4

If you are an artist, or interested in the arts, ArtRage 4 is a program designed for you. I'm not skilled at painting, drawing or anything of the sort, but I tested out the app on an iPad and was impressed with the technology.

Digital paintings can look like real paintings.

ArtRage 4 has many features like rotation, scale, and movement of the canvas. You can layer your work, create sections use stencils, stickers and bring in reference images.

You can sketch, use water color, oil paint, smear and blend just like you would with regular mediums.

However, there are few new features with the program. For example, it's optimized for touch screens, it's faster and lets you use larger files.

Your iPad is really a blank slate and it all starts with a canvas. You have multiple options to choose from -- anything from a sandy canvas, stucco concrete, even tinfoil.

Whether using a pen, a brush, mouse or finger, ArtRage 4 provides the experience of actually "painting."

ArtRage 4 isn't necessarily a program for little kids to use in the car on summer vacation. It's more of a sophisticated digital art program but it has a decent price.

ArtRage 4 is compatible with multiple desktop platforms for just under $50. The iPad and iPhone versions are available for under $5.

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