Tech This Out: LowestMed: Save money on prescriptions

If you have pill bottles filling up your medicine cabinet, no matter what they are for, over the counter drugs, vitamins or prescriptions, you know those costs can add up.

LowestMed is an app that might help you save money on your medications. You can use it whether or not you have insurance.

Creators say they negotiated discount prices with 60 thousand pharmacies across the nation.

You enter a name of a drug into LowestMed. Pick the number of pills and dosage you need. The app will compare prices at pharmacies near you.

I've tested out a bunch of different medications. Some generics some brand names.

There are thousands of drugs in the data base. Even simple options like Tylenol Cold and Sinus.

In terms of saving money, I checked out a few of my own medications to compare prices with my insurance verses lowest med to see if there were any savings. Most of the medications I looked at my insurance co-pays were still lower, but it wasn't the case for all of the medications I looked at.

With one prescription, I found I could $7 by using LowestMed.

The app is free, it doesn't cost anything to enroll, and you don't have to give any personal information.

For those of you looking to cut costs and don't have a smart phone, you can do a search through the internet at and get a discount code.

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