Tech This Out: 'Textalyzer' for distracted driving

A “textalyzer” for distracted driving would utilize Cellebrite’s UFED Field series.

Driving a car while texting is six times more dangerous than drunk driving, said the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Even though many of us know the dangers of distracted driving, AAA research shows that 67 percent of drivers still use their phones behind the wheel.

The tech company Cellebrite developed a type of breathalyzer for distracted driving.

Cellebrite is one of the industry leaders in mobile device forensics.

A "textalyzer" for distracted driving would utilize Cellebrite's UFED Field series. That's a product the company developed about a year ago.

New York lawmakers want to pass a bill allowing police to access a person's phone if they are involved in a crash. Officers would have the right to look at a person's cell phone around the time of a crash, but they wouldn't have access to any other personal data like contacts, numbers or pictures.

Cellebrite's says the key is to find out if people are using their phones, but maintain user privacy.

If you are looking for ways to help you quit texting and driving, check out "It Can Wait" and take the pledge.

For more information on texting and driving, click here.

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