Wake-Up Call: Beware of hidden toxins in your home

    Kelly Taylor designs everything from houses to hotels. Her environmentally friendly office is along Harris Avenue in Providence. While designing, she has a passion to promote healthy living.

    "People don't realize how import it is that their house is clean and free of pollutants," Taylor said.

    Taylor stresses this to her clients. She hopes to educate people on what products and items they are buying and bringing into their homes.

    "We spend 90 percent of our lives inside, and we want to make sure the air we breathe is clean and healthy," she said.

    Taylor says it's best to go green. Here are some tips:

    1. Use "no VOC" products: Volatile organic compounds are harmful gases that are emitted from things like paint.

    2. Ventilate properly: Any toxic odors can be replaced with fresh air.

    3. Be aware of mold: It is caused by water and can be hidden and lead to serious health problems.

    4. Go natural: Stay away from oil-based products for wood floors.

    5. Furniture/mattresses: Look for organic makes that do not have flame retardants added.

    All of these tips will help make your home safe for you, your family and the environment.

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