Buddy Cianci's distant cousin running for Providence City Council

Steven Cianci (WJAR)

A Cianci is trying to get on the ballot in Providence this fall.

A distant cousin of the deceased former Mayor Vincent “Buddy” Cianci, Steven Cianci is a 62-year-old property manager.

“I was never in politics before,” he told NBC 10 News on Tuesday, though he added that he occasionally worked on Buddy’s campaigns.

He’s running in Ward 5 for City Council, challenging Democratic incumbent Jo-Ann Ryan.

“If a lot of people know who I am, they know how I feel about my ward. I want to help it,” he said when asked if the name is an advantage or handicap. “I’m retiring soon. I want to give a 100 percent to my ward and give back to the city.”

Ryan was busy and was unable to speak to NBC 10.

Political signs can’t go up more than 60 days before the primary, so look for Cianci signs in Providence by mid-July.

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