Chafee says if he runs, it will be as Democrat

Lincoln Chafee (WJAR)

Former Gov. Lincoln Chafee says he's still considering running for governor as a Democrat, and Joe Trillo's announcement that he's running for governor as an independent doesn't change anything.

Chafee told The Associated Press that if he runs, it will be in a Democratic primary. He called that decision firm.

He said he doesn't have a timetable for when he will decide on his run. While he says he knows that earlier is better, Chafee said he thinks he deserves to be able to take his time.

Chafee said his motivation for running is the same as it was when he ran in the Democratic primary for president: to give people choices on policy.

Chafee was elected to the office as an independent in 2010, but became a Democrat in office. He did not run for a second term.

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