Five candidates vying to become next Warwick mayor

Warwick City Hall (WJAR)

Warwick has had the same mayor since 2000, but Scott Avedisian left abruptly in April, setting off a scramble for the corner office.

Five different candidates have filed nomination papers to run for the job, including four Democrats who will face off in a September primary.

Acting Mayor Joe Solomon leads the pack.

“I’m trying to attract businesses to our community. I’m looking to improve the residents’ condition within the city, whether it be through paving better education and maybe more efficient services,” Solomon told NBC 10 News Thursday.

Richard Corrente is running for the office for a second time. He said his tax-cutting platform has attracted the support of average taxpayers.

“If they come out in force, I will win the election hands down,” he said. “If, however, in a political primary you don’t get that much of the general public come out, and only the political insiders come out…it’s going to be the other way around, he’s going to crush me.”

Gerald Carbone, who has never run before, along with Vin Ferla, round out the Democratic field.

One Republican, Sue Stenhouse, is running. She spent seven years on the city council, served as a state representative, and is now on the planning board.

Stenhouse told NBC 10 News she believes collaboration is her strong point.

“I have brought people together on the city council when I was doing it there -- when I was in the governor’s office doing community relations, but also in the private sector,” Stenhouse said.

Stenhouse said she is also counting on help from Avedisian.

“Scott is a wealth of information and I look forward to his support of my campaign,” she said.

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